What kinds of books do you buy?
Because we are lucky enough to have a storefront and sell online, we take a look at all kinds of genres and subjects. We don't buy romance novels, magazines, or outdated encyclopedias.

Do you buy CDs and DVDs?
We are happy to look at your CDs and DVDs. They must be playable and include their original artwork.

How does this work?
There are two ways to go about this:

  • If you have a few boxes or just a handful, bring your books into the store. Depending on how many you have and what's going on in the store, we can look at them while you hang out in the store, or we can get your phone number and call you when we've finished.
  • Schedule a house call. For large libraries or collections, we will come out to your house and either pack up everything and haul it away, donating what we can't use, or we can look through your collection at your house and take away only the ones we want.

How much do you pay?
We pay anything from a quarter to a half of what we anticipate selling the item for. We offer a higher number in store credit than in cash.

Can I donate my books?
Yes, we gladly take donations.

Will you buy my magazines/vinyl records?
We do not accept magazines and while we would love to sell vinyl, we don't have the space. We can make a few suggestions, though.

What condition do the books need to be in?
Our pricing structure depends on the book's condition. Books in great quality yield a better resale value, so we can pay you more. However, there are books that still have value if they are marked up, highlighted, water damaged, missing its dust jacket, etc. We can't use demolished books but we will look at anything up to that point.

I have a question that's not answered.
Stop by the store or call us! We're here every day from 10am-7pm. You can also send an email.